We believe in doing business the right way

Source Responsibly - We work with farms that are Rainforest Alliance Certified and Veriflora Certified. They are special to us because these farms practice sustainable farming and pay fair wages to workers. We also source as much as we can from local family farms and artisans to support our community.

Reduce Waste - We apply techniques throughout our design process to reduce the traditional use of floral foams and other supplies. We continue to find ways to minimize our impact to the environment. 

Use Flowers in Their Most Natural Forms - Unlike the industry norm, we do not use any artificially painted flowers, even if it means higher costs to us. We use flowers as how mother nature makes them. 

People First - We treat each individual who comes in our door as a family member. That includes our customers, employees and vendors. We believe there's something that money can't buy - your trust and friendship.