For Individuals


For Businesses

Customized Floral Designs for Your Weddings and Events. We aim to bring your vision into reality with highly personalized service and great attention to details.

Home Floral Decor/Staging. We offer delivery of fresh floral arrangements to your home as requested. Looking to sell your houses quicker? Fresh flowers staged in your home create a warm welcome for the future buyers. This service is currently available in Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.

Customized Floral Bouquets/Arrangements. Floral bouquets/arrangements are offered for special occasions and holidays only, available for pick-up at our studio location in Rockville, MD. Please check back our website for updates during major holidays. 

Table Styling. Throwing a small gathering or party? This is perfect for those who just need minimal decor. 

Customized Floral Designs for Corporate Meetings and Events. Every meeting or event is a message your company sends to its employees, customers and shareholders. We aim to create designs that align with your message and enhance the value of your brand.

Fresh Floral Designs for Commercial Spaces. Want to attract more customers to your retail shops, restaurants, or hotels? We are here to help. With years of interior design experience, our chief designer understands how to create and stage floral designs to achieve the ambience you are looking for.

Please book your complimentary consultation with us for pricing details