Jasmina Design was created out of Tammy's passion to be surrounded by a beautiful environment through flowers, art and decor. Growing up, she helped her family transform living spaces and gave new lives to old houses, especially with purchase decisions of floral arrangements and various artwork. She later deepened her bonds with flowers through her recovery of an illness. Her floral artistry was further nurtured by her training from Flower School of New York and by various masters including Remco van Vilet. Professionally, she worked at prestigious wedding floral and event design studios in New York City and Washington DC such as Belle Fleur and Multiflor (in-house floral design for St.Regis) to complete her apprenticeship. Such unique opportunities not only provided Tammy to gain experiences working from luxurious weddings at the most elegant hotels to small weddings at intimate venues, but also servicing weekly corporate and retail clients. Tammy continues to grow tirelessly in her floral artistry by attending different workshops and studying under world-renowned designers during her breaks. It is Tammy's vision for Jasmina Design to be more than flowers. It is her goal to create the most impactful experience for all her clients. She once found healing from flowers and she seeks you to have something special that only belongs to you through the experience created and shared with us.

Tammy's obsession with Jasmine inspired her to name her studio Jasmina. We warmly welcome you to join her journey together on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Or simply send her a Hello.